Table of Contents

Vol. 4, No. 1 (2009)

Third Term of the Lower Autocentral Series of Abelian Groups PDF
Mohammad Naghshineh, Mohammad Reza R. Moghaddam, Foroud Parvaneh
A New Method for Solving Fuzzy DEA Models by Trapeziodal Approximation PDF
Mohsen Rostamy-Malkhalifeh, Masoud Sanei, Hilda Saleh
Degree of Approximation and Green Potential PDF
Mehrdad Simkani
Tensor Product of Operator-Valued Frames in Hilbert C*-Modules PDF
Kamran Musazadeh, Amir Khosravi
A Note on the Symmetric Hit Problem PDF
Ali Sarbaz Janfada
Some Concepts of Negative Dependence for Bivariate Distributions with Applications PDF
Nader Asadian, Mohammad Amini, Abolghasem Bozorgnia
Existence of Periodic Solution for a Class of Linear Third Order ODE PDF
Roya Doroudi
Another Look at the Limit Summability of Real Functions PDF
Mohammad Hadi Hooshmand
Admissible and Minimax Estimators of a Lower Bounded Scale Parameter of a Gamma Distribution under the Entropy Loss Function PDF
Mehrnaz Nasr Esfahani, Nader Nematollahi
On the Stability of a Cubic Functional Equation in Random Normed Spaces PDF
Hassan Azadi Kenary

Vol. 4, No. 2 (2010)

Hahn-Banach Theorem in Vector Spaces PDF
Mohammad Reza Haddadi, Hamid Mazaheri
Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equations PDF
Safoora Mahdavi, Majid Tavassoli Kajani
Mizoguchi-Takahashi’s Fixed Point Theorem Concerning τ−Distance PDF
Zahra Mohammadi
Stochastic Differential Equations and Markov Processes in the Modeling of Electrical Circuits PDF
Ramzan Rezaeyan, Rahman Farnoosh
Some Properties of C∗-Graded Metric Spaces and Fixed Point Results PDF
Shaban Sedghi, Aghil gilani, Mohammad foozooni
On the Weakly Hypercyclic Composition Operators on Hardy Spaces PDF
Hamid Rezaei
Nonlinear Fredholm Integral Equation of the Second Kind with Quadrature Methods PDF
Marziehe Jafari Emamzadeh, Majid Tavassoli Kajani
Contribution of Fuzzy Minimal Cost Flow Problem by Possibility Programming PDF
Sara Fanati Rashidi, Abbas Ali Noora
Exact Solutions for the Modified KdV and the Generalized KdV Equations via Exp-Function Method PDF
Jalil Manafian Heris, Majid Bagheri
Module Amenability and Tensor Product of Semigroup Algebras PDF
Abasalt Bodaghi

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