Super-Efficiency and Sensitivity Analysis Based on Input-Oriented DEA-R

Mohammad Reza Mozaffari, Javad Gerami


This paper suggests a method of finding super-efficiency
scores and modification of input-oriented models for sensitivity
analysis of decision making units. First, by using DEA-R (ratiobased
DEA) models in the input orientation, the models of superefficiency
and also models of super-efficiency modification are suggested.
Second, the worst-case scenarios are considered where the
efficiency of the test DMU is deteriorating while the efficiencies
of the other DMUs are improving. Then, by combining these two
ideas, a model is suggested which increases the super-efficiency
score and modifies the change ranges in order to preserve the performance
class. In the end, the super-efficiency and change interval
of efficient decision making units for 23 branches of Zone 1 of the
Islamic Azad University are calculated.


Data envelopment analysis, sensitivity analysis.

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