Table of Contents

Vol. 8, No. 1, (2014)

Weakly Completely Continuous Elements of the Banach Algebra LUC(G)* PDF
Mohammad Javad Mehdipour 1-10
Solving the Second Order Fuzzy Differential Equations by Fuzzy Neural Network PDF
Maryam Mosleh, Mahmood Otadi 11-27
A New Analytic-Approximate Solution of Fokker-Planck Equation with Space-and Time-Fractional Derivatives PDF
Moosarreza Shamsyeh Zahedi 29-45
t-Best Proximity Pair in Fuzzy Normed Spaces PDF
Hamid Reza Khademzadeh, Hamid Mazaheri Tehrani 47-58
Operator Arithmetic-Geometric-Harmonic mean inequality on Krein spaces PDF
Mahdi Dehghani, Seyed Mohammad sadegh Modarres Mosadegh 59-68
A modification in successive approximation method for solving nonlinear Volterra Hammerstein integral equations of the second kind PDF
shahnam javadi 69-86
Approximation of Discrete Data by Discrete Weighted Transform PDF
Sedigheh Jahedi, Fatemeh Javadi 87-96
A Mollified Gradient Approach for Solving an Inverse Moving Boundary Problem PDF
Akram Heidari, Morteza Garshasbi, Sedigheh Toubaei, Mehdi Jalalvand 97-111

Vol. 8, No. 2, (2014)

Some New Approaches for Computation of Domination Polynomial of Specific Graphs PDF
Saeid Alikhani, Eisa Mahmoudi, Mohammad Reza Oboudi 1-9
Foundations on G-Type Domains PDF
Ali Reza Alizadeh Moghaddam 11-23
Best proximity point and geometric contraction maps PDF
Mohammad Reza Haddadi 25-31
ali zohri 33-45
Solving Non-Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Problems By Variational Iteration Method PDF
Raziye Zare, Mohammad Hadi Farahi, Jalal Izadian 47-57
Module amenability of semigroup algebras under certain module actions PDF
somaye grailo tanha, abbas sahleh 59-69
Random fixed point theorems in Fr´echet spaces with their applications PDF
Hamid Reza goudarzi 71-81
Two Constraint Qualifications for Non-Differentiable Semi-Infinite Programming Problems Using Fr´echet and Mordukhovich Subdifferentials PDF
Nader Kanzi 83-94

Vol. 8, No. 3, (2014)

Some inequalities involving Laplace transformation PDF
Alireza Moazzen 1-15
On elliptic curves via Heron triangles and Diophantine triples PDF
foad khoshnam 17-26
On Weak generalized amenability of triangular Banach algebras PDF
Maysam Mosadeq 27-39
Extension of shift-invariant frames for locally compact abelian groups PDF
Mehdi Rashidi, Akbar Nazari 41-48
Fixed points for weak contraction mappings in complete generalized metric spaces PDF
parisa torabian 49-58
Fuzzy BIBO Stability ‎o‎f Linear Control ‎Systems PDF
Tofigh Allahviranloo, Mehrasa Ayatollahi, Fateme Amini, Elham Vaseghi 59-69
On the Block Coloring of Steiner Triple Systems PDF
raoufeh manaviyat 71-77
(\alpha; \beta)-monotone variational inequalities over arbitrary product sets PDF
Ardashir karamian 79-86

Vol. 8, No. 4, (2014)

Minimax Regret Estimation of Exponential Distribution Based on Record Values Under Weighted Square Error Loss Function PDF
Hojatollah Zakerzadeh, Mahdieh Karimi 1-8
Quasi-Newton methods for solving non-smooth multiobjective optimization PDF
Najmeh Hoseini Monjezi 9-21
hamid reza khademzadeh, Hamid Mazaheri 23-37
A Predictor-Corrector Algorithm for Finding All Zeros of Nonlinear Equations PDF
Behzad Kafash, Mohamad Mehdi Hosseini 39-54
An ‎extended Legendre wavelet ‎method‎ for solving differential equations with non analytic solutions PDF
Fakhrodin Mohammadi 55-74
Some Gruss type inequalities for n-tuples of vectors in semi-inner modules PDF
Amir ghasem Ghazanfari 75-92
Amin Hosseini 93-108
Numerical solution of higher-order linear and nonlinear ordinary differential equations with orthogonal rational legendre functions PDF
Seyed Rouhollah Alavizadeh, Farid(Mohammad) Maalek Ghaini 109-130

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