Weak Dunford-Pettis Property for a Closed Sublattice of Compact Operators

Halimeh Ardakani


For several Banach lattices

E and F, if K(E; F


E to F


M of K(E; F


'x : M ! F and y : M ! E


'x(T) = Tx and y (T) = T y



2 E, y 2 F and T 2 M








almost Dunford{Pettis operators, where




) to have the weak Dunford{Pettis

property is that all evaluation operators




, it is shown that a necessary and sucient

condition for a closed subspace




) denotes the space

of all compact operators from




Weak Dunford-Pettis property, Almost Dunford{Pettis operator, Discrete Banach lattice.

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