Algebraic Frames and Duality

Shahrzad Azadi, Mehdi Radjabalipour


The theory of algebraic frames for a Hilbert space $H$ is a generalization of the theory of frames and generalized frames. The paper applies the theory of unbounded operators to define the dual of algebraic frames with densely defined unbounded analysis operators. It is shown that every algebraic frame has an algebraic dual frame, and if an algebraic frame has a nonzero redundancy, then it is not Riesz-type. An example of an algebraic frame with finite redundancy is constructed which is not a Riesz-type algebraic frame. Finally, for a lower bounded analytic frame, the discreteness of its indexing measure space and the uniqueness of its algebraic dual are studied and shown to be interrelated.


Unbounded operators, algebraic frames, algebraic dual frame, dual frame, generalized frames.

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