Fixed points result via $\mathcal{L}$-contractions on quasi $w$-distances

Sedigheh Barootkoob, Hosein Lakzian


The concept of a $w$-distance on a‎

‎metric space has been introduced by Kada et al‎. ‎\cite{Kst}‎. ‎They generalized Caristi‎

‎fixed point theorem‎, ‎Ekeland variational principle and the‎

‎nonconvex minimization theorem according to Takahashi‎.

‎In the present paper‎, ‎we first introduce the notion of quasi $w$-distances in quasi-metric spaces and then we will prove some fixed point theorems for $\mathcal{L}$-contractive mappings in the class of quasi-metric spaces with $w$-distances via a control function introduced by Jleli and Samet \cite{JL}‎. ‎These results generalize many fixed point theorems by Kada et al‎. ‎\cite{Kst}‎, ‎Suzuki \cite{S}‎, ‎Ciri\'{c} \cite{ciric}‎, ‎Aydi et al‎. ‎\cite{Aydbarlak}‎, ‎Abbas and Rhoades \cite{Ar}‎, ‎Kannan \cite{Kannan}‎, ‎Hicks and Rhoades \cite{H}‎, ‎Du \cite{D}‎, ‎Lakzian et al‎. ‎\cite{LAR}‎, ‎Lakzian and Rhoades \cite{LR} and others‎. ‎Some examples in support of the given concepts and presented results‎.


Quasi-metric space; Fixed point; $\mathcal{L}$-contraction

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