The application of Fuzzy Laplace transform by using generalized Hukuhara derivative

P. Moatamed, Mahnaz Barkhordari


In this research an analytic method is used to solve fuzzy heat equation with fuzzy
initial values, which is based on ogeneralized Hukuhara differentiability. At rst, we dene
fuzzy laplace transform in t considering x as a parameter on fuzzy functions u(x; t) and their
derivatives by using generalized Hukuhara differentiability. The fuzzy laplace transform is
used in an analytic method for solving the fuzzy partial differential equation with generalized
Hukuhara differantiation.finally, the method is explained by presenting examples.


Fuzzy-number, Fuzzy-valued function, Generalized differentiability, Fuzzy partial differential equation, Fuzzy Laplace transform.

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