Another form of supra ordered separation axioms

Cenap Ozel, Tareq Alshami, Mohammed Ahmed Alshumrani


In this work, we present and study new ordered separation axioms,namely supra Tci-ordered spaces (briey, STci-ordered spaces), for i = 0; 12 ; 1; 112 ; 2.We illustrate the relationships among these ordered spaces with the help of examplesand we point out under what conditions the initiated ordered separationaxioms are hereditary properties. Also, we derive some results which connect someof STci-ordered spaces with some topological notions such as supra limit points andsupra disconnected spaces, and with some algebra notions such as largest and smallestelements. Furthermore, we investigate the image of theses ordered spaces underS?-homeomorphism maps. Finally, we verify that the nite ordered product of STci -ordered spaces is STci-ordered, for i = 0; 12 ; 1; 112 .


Supra limit points, STci-ordered spaces, S?-homeomorphism maps, Ordered product space and supra topological ordered spaces.

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