Tabu Search Algorithm to Solve the Intermodal Terminal Location Problem

hamidreza maleki


Establishment of appropriate terminals is eective as the maingate entrance to international, national and local transportationnetwork for economic performance, trac safety and reduction ofenvironmental pollution. This paper focuse on intermodal termi-nal location problem. The main objective of this problem is todetermine which of the terminals of a set of candidate terminalsthat should be open such that the total cost be minimized. In thisproblem, demands of customers will ship directly (without theuse of terminals) between the origin and destination of customers,or intermodaly(by using two terminals) or even by combinationof both methods. Since this problem is NP-hard, metaheuristicsalgorithms such as tabu search (TS) is used to solve it. The algo-rithm is compared with greedy randomized adaptive search pro-cedure(GRASP) on instance of this problem. Results show theeciency of TS in comparision with GRASP.

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